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Self-compassion is the ability to understand our own feelings, accept our strengths and weaknesses and not be judgemental of ourselves.

Self-compassion is not an act of self-indulgence, selfishness, or self-pity.

It is acceptance by ourselves as a person who is not a superhero and could suffer, fail and feel pain. Self-compassion can help to reduce mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, fatigue or burnout.

There are 3 elements of self-compassion:

- Self-kindness that means we should care about ourselves as we do towards other people;

- Common humanity that means we admit that no one is perfect, all people experience pain and could make mistakes.

- Mindfulness is very popular nowadays. Mindfulness means being open to the present moment's reality.

We are able to increase self-compassion talking to ourselves like someone we love and stopping and replacing judgmental thoughts. We can practice reframing our critical thoughts into more caring and kind comments.

If we feel self-compassion, we are able to be compassionate to others.

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