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COVID has changed my life. I was working from home. I was fully vaccinated but some of my colleagues and friends were against it. I didn’t feel safe catching up with them as they didn’t seem to take COVID seriously and this scared me. One day I realised I reluctant to leave home, I felt really anxious if I had to go out and meet people. I felt that I would most certainty catch the virus from them. My anxiety became stronger as I lost a relative due to COVID. I felt more and more isolated. One of my friends advised to talk with a counsellor. I made an appointment with Irina.
I felt very confused during my first session, I didn’t know what to say. I felt shy talking about my problem. Irina was very kind and attentive and after a while I felt comfortable talking with her. She listened to me telling my story and reassured me that nothing was wrong with the way I felt. We created a plan of what to do and say that would help me feel safe and I follow it now. Each week we discuss my achievements and how I have reacted to incidents during the previous week and then how I could handle those situations better in the future. I feel better now. I still have panic attacks and I now know how to manage them.


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