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COVID has changed my life. I was working from home. I was fully vaccinated but some of my colleagues and friends were against it. I didn’t feel safe catching up with them as they didn’t seem to take COVID seriously and this scared me. One day I realised I reluctant to leave home, I felt really anxious if I had to go out and meet people. I felt that I would most certainty catch the virus from them. My anxiety became stronger as I lost a relative due to COVID. I felt more and more isolated. One of my friends advised to talk with a counsellor. I made an appointment with Irina.

I felt very confused during my first session, I didn’t know what to say. I felt shy talking about my problem. Irina was very kind and attentive and after a while I felt comfortable talking with her. She listened to me telling my story and reassured me that nothing was wrong with the way I felt. We created a plan of what to do and say that would help me feel safe and I follow it now. Each week we discuss my achievements and how I have reacted to incidents during the previous week and then how I could handle those situations better in the future. I feel better now. I still have panic attacks and I now know how to manage them. 

I needed to talk with someone outside my circle, so I made appointment with Irina after the Christmas holidays.

I needed to relax during holidays but couldn’t. I was constantly thinking about work problems, I lay awake most of the night and didn’t sleep well. I felt tired all day. I didn’t enjoy my time with friends and family. I had to do something.

Irina taught me how to use relaxation techniques. I started and finished my days by doing these special exercises. It helped me to relax.

Irina has helped me to create a self-care plan. Doing this has made me feel so much better and I look forward now to chatting with Irina as I feel stronger and more confident after each session. Irina is so easy to talk with and I am looking forward to our next session as I feel I still need support. 

I have never thought I would be in a position where I needed a counsellor. I am a happy mum of 2 teenagers and a loving wife. The company where I work has survived the COVID restrictions and I still have a job.

Everything was good until I found out I had become pregnant. I was happy and felt scared the same time. It was not my plan to have another child. I didn’t know what to do. My GP recommended that I talk with a counsellor.

I found Irina and booked a free 15 minute session, I felt comfortable talking with her so we continued.

I expected she would tell me what I should do. I have had a few sessions with her and I like her attitude. I like the way she talks with me. Irina considers my feelings and helps me to come to terms with the important decisions I need to make. After our sessions I feel stronger to manage my anxiety.

The help I have received from Irina has only been for a short time and I am reassured that if the need arises she will be there to help me in the future. 

The time spent talking with Irina may sometimes have been awkward on my part but mostly it has been a very pleasant experience. I do hope that my need for counselling is over but if it happens again I know who would be the perfect counsellor for me.

Irina, thank you so much for your help.

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