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Life is not an easy journey. We can’t just float along with the flow if we want to develop our skills and knowledge to accomplish our goals. Self-awareness is the skill that can help us on our way to success.

What is a self-awareness?

It is the ability to control and regulate our internal and external world. Self-awareness helps us to understand our own experience and how we could impact on the experience of others.

How can we increase our self-awareness?

- Writing a diary recording our thoughts and analysing our feelings without judgement. It could help us to understand the underlying reason for our emotions. In a particular case it could help show understanding that our acute reaction on a small event at home could be provoked by a negative or stressful situation at work.

- Another way to increase self-awareness is starting mindfulness. There are a lot of activities and ways to practice mindfulness such as meditation, yoga and etc.

- Identify our strengths and weaknesses.

Researchers have found that self-awareness is like a golden ticket for success and fulfilment. Don’t miss yours!

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