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There were many times when I found it difficult to cope with stress. I was upset. I was depressed, but one day I felt it was time to manage my negative emotions. My resilience helped me to control stress and move from my depression to acting positively.

What is resilience?

Resilience is the capacity to recover from difficulties and adverse events. It is an ability to respond to stressful or unexpected crisis resulting in difficult situations.

People are far stronger than they feel. If you feel like you’re under too much stress, building your resilience can really help.

I was very impressed and inspired Lucy Hone’s speech “The three secrets of resilient people” (TEDx Talks, 2019). She offered three strategies to help build resilience:

- admitting and coming to terms with happened events;

- being grateful;

- evaluate your actions and thoughts and make a choice for positive and helpful thinking.

If you need help to build your resilience – Talk with Irina.

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