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Happy morning

Today my post is about mornings.

How do you feel in the morning?

Are you cheerful and happy?

Or maybe you feel angry and annoyed with everyone and everything?

Here are some hints to make your mornings better:

- Set your alarm for 5 minutes early if possible.

- Give these 5 minutes to yourself.

- Do breathing exercises, it helps you focus on yourself. You can do it outside if you like.

- Please, don’t read any news. Leave it for later.

- And don’t forget about breakfast. A healthy breakfast gives you energy for the whole day.

- While you are having breakfast, think how you could please yourself during the day. It could be something very simple and insignificant.

You also can think about it before you go to sleep and revise your ideas in the morning.

Good luck! Give a good start to your day!

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