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Happiness is inside us! Have you felt it?

There are many forms of therapy. One of them is shopping therapy. It’s not an official one but people use it to cheer themselves up.

Four months ago I had inspected my wardrobe and found few tops with tags on them. It encouraged me to join my friends who had made an agreement where they would not buy new clothes for a year.

A very strong motivation for me are the words of José Alberto Mujica Cordano, the former president of Uruguay.

He said: When I buy something or when you buy it, we don't pay with money. We pay in the meantime of our lives, which we were forced to spend in order to earn this money.

We could be happy having very little and this means not overloading ourselves.

Would you like to join this experiment and spend your time on more useful and funny things instead of spending time and money in shopping centers?

Happiness is inside us! Have you felt it? If not – may be you need my help.

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