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Have you ever faced a person who tried to depreciate your accomplishments? Someone who tried to put seeds of uncertainty into your mind.

Have you ever faced a person who tried to ruin your self-confidence? Who states that everyone is lying to you, you are not as good as they say. Such persons declare they are only one who cares of you and says truth to you.

Has it happened that somebody appeared to be concerned for you, but their actions weren’t reflected in their words?

Even if you say “yes’’ for just one question – you’ve faced Gaslighting, one of the forms of mental and emotional abuse.

Gaslighting could lead to a victim’s confusion, loss of self-confidence and self-esteem. It could lead to a victim’s uncertainty of their emotional or mental stability.

If you or somebody you know was faced with gaslighting and they are not able to manage with it – call for help!

Don’t let abuser to ruin your personality.

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