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Don't underestimate yourself

Do you know it is very important to praise yourself?

Do you remember when you complimented yourself the last time?

Have you ever realised that complimenting impacts your emotional wellbeing?

Don’t wait for compliments from others. I believe you can find at least 5 reasons to praise yourself every day.

It could be

- Things that you do every day regardless of your mood and desires.

- Actions to keep yourself healthy.

- Justified refusal to do something that you do not want and like.

- Overcoming your own uncertainty and achieving small victories.

Psychological studies found that people feel significantly better if they are praised or complimented. They feel more relaxed and confident. They gain strength for new achievements and are ready to do everything possible to achieve their goal.

Don't underestimate yourself. Each of your actions and accomplishments deserve to be admitted and complimented.

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