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About counsellor

My first post was about counselling. This one is about the person who provides counselling.

As I mentioned in my previous post professional counselling is strictly confidential and non-judgmental.

I strongly believe that my life and work experience, professional knowledge and a mature attitude makes me a good counsellor. My work in schools for 20 years and work in child protection have given me practical knowledge and skills for my counselling practice. I have completed a Master of Social work and Graduate Certificate of Counselling. I am a member of the Australian Association of Social workers and I am guided by their Code of Ethics in my practice.

My skills and abilities that include but not limited with listening, empathy, understanding, patience and a calm manner help me to support clients in overcoming their problems and accomplishing positive outcomes. I do not advise my clients, I help them to understand themselves better and find their own ways to cope or to solve problems.

If you need to discuss something that has happened in your past or present, share your emotions and concerns, if you need positive changes in your life, please, book a free initial consultation for being sure I am a right counsellor for you.

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