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The Therapy ABC – Wellbeing: Social Wellbeing

It is well known that humans are social beings.

Social Wellbeing is about how we feel communicating with family and friends. It is also how we interact within our neighbourhoods, local and global community, different systems such as school, workplace and etc.

Thus Social Wellbeing is how good we feel while interacting in society.

COVID and long periods of self-isolation for some has impacted and nearly ruined their social life.

What can we do now to make our life more active and increase our Social Wellbeing?

- Re-establish and keep contact with our family and friends;

- Spending more time with our loved ones;

- Participating in a local community activities;

- Joining a group based on your interests;

- Being involved in volunteer work.

Do you have any other ideas how we could increase our social wellbeing?

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