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The swamp and depression

Recently talking with one of my clients on how the depression they were suffering looked.

It reminded us of one of the Adventures of Baron Munchausen’s story and how he rescued himself from a swamp.

We came to conclusion that the swamp and depression had some similarity:

- They both pull people down to the bottom.

- It is very hard to climb out of a swamp or depression alone.

- It is much easier to do with somebody’s help.

Practitioners like counsellor, psychotherapist and a social worker could be the people who are able to help. They are educated about depression and the tools that can be applied to reduce the negative influence of depression very well. They are experienced in fighting the effects of this “swamp” and working with them, they are able to help you lift yourself from this feeling to and accomplish positive outcomes.

Don’t let your depression, negative thoughts and negative events drag you down – ask for help!

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