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I achieved my driving license when I was a pretty mature person. Many people around said to me I wouldn't able to drive the car as I was too old (by their opinion). I didn’t give up and passed my license due to support by my husband, perfect driving instructor and my self-confidence.

Studies have shown that confidence impacts physical and mental health and is linked to success. Confident people are happier and more likely live longer. They perform better at work and in their private lives.

How can we increase our self-confidence?

- Make a list of all the things we are proud of in our life;

- Recognise what we are good at;

- Set a few goals (they don’t need to be big) and make a plan how to accomplish them;

- Talk to ourselves to cheer ourselves up like the way we would talk with our best friend.

Self-confidence is like a super power. Once you believe in yourself, everything could be achievable.

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