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Counselling vis-à-vis Psychotherapy

What is a distinction between counselling and psychotherapy?

A Counsellor generally deals with present issues focusing on client’s emotional and cognitive experience. People visit counsellor if they are not able to discuss their issues with the family and friends. A Counsellor gives a clients the opportunity to express their emotions and feelings such as anger, anxiety and fear with confidence that the discussion is confidential.

A Psychotherapist considers a person’s psychological history exploring how it affects the current problems.

A Counsellor deals with stress, anxiety, depression and helps a client to find ways to overcome such issues, develop necessary skills and accomplish positive outcomes.

A Psychotherapist helps a client to find a root of problem in their past and how it has affected their present life.

A Counsellor is a person trained to give guidance on personal or psychological problems.

A counsellor helps a client to see things more clearly and if possible from the different point of view. It enables a client to facilitate positive changes.

Confidentiality is paramount to counselling. However it is counsellor’s obligation to disclose information if they believe there is a risk to a client or somebody’s life.

I hope this topic will be useful and if anyone feels they need to see a counsellor – book an initial consultation.

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